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There's a wedding I have to go on Labor Day for a family friend of the sort where our parents were tight long before we existed. It will also be a semi black tie Russian wedding where formal isn't really optional. I somehow magically do have a black dress that would work for this event, but would prefer something a bit more formal and yet summery.

So, off to the internet? Here I learn the very depressing fact that Mormon modest and Quiverfull modest and the like isn't modest enough for me, thereby making me quasi-question my life choices. ;)


Seriously though, I'm looking for dresses with skirts that fall a few inches below the knees. (I'm 5' and yet this is still easier said than done). Either it needs to have a neckline that hits the collarbone and sleeves below my elbows or it needs to be cut such that I can throw a shirt underneath without it looking hideously awkward. It also can't be too tight, and I detest stiff satin/taffeta.

So any recs, or am I horribly out of luck? Preferable in the $100-$200 range.

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