Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I’ve been using the same jar of waxy hair product since high school and (other than the occasional spray of dry shampoo) it’s the only styling product I use. Alas, I’m finally almost out and their website no longer has a link to purchase, so I assume they’re no longer making it.*

I have a longish pixie cut that I wash in the morning and let dry on my way to work. When the weather is nice, it tends to frizz a bit as it dries, so I like to put something on it when I get into the office to smooth things out. My current stuff also makes my hair nice and shiny. It doesn’t leave any crunchiness or goo, and I don’t have to wash my hands afterward.

I’m looking for something that’s easy to use, will control my frizz, preferably smells nice, and is fairly cheap (under $10). Suggestions?


*Side note: While they probably though the name was cute/clever, it makes it nearly impossible to track down, so I can’t figure out if there’s secretly a store that sells it or if someone has a stockpile on Ebay or something.

ETA: I’m NOT looking for anything that’s made to hold hair in a certain style. Right now my hair is exactly like it would be with nothing on it, only smoother. This stuff has zero hold and I’m happy with it.

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