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I’ve fallen into the Goop rabbit hole. But let me explain.

I’m currently suffering from miserable (MISERABLE) allergies. I have also had three UTIs in a six month span, but that’s kind of another story, but contributes to the feeling that my body hates me.


I saw my GP and spoke with her about both, hoping to be referred to an allergist. She put me off that, basically saying that they could test me to see what I am sensitive to, but it’s most likely pollen and there’s no avoiding the outdoors. She also said shots were time-consuming, costly, with not much effect.

So, I started doing some research online, and got some basic advice —> use a Neti Pot, shower when you get home or before getting into bed, that kind of thing. Then I started reading about essential oils and thought “I own a diffuser and I love oils!” I tried some steaming with eucalyptus oil and it’s been really awesome. So, I started to do more research, and then that dovetailed into supplements.

Thing is, I’d like to start a decent and grown up supplement routine and it’s hard to suss out legit sources. I have never been a GP hater, and I do like Goop, but it feels....too much. Like, I need someone who is reasonable.

I have a fairly good diet and am healthy, but I am 38 and looking to kind of fill in the holes, and also get some self-care into the mix.


Any recommendations for health/diet/natural remedy/yadda yadda people online?

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