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Help me find a raincoat? Please?

After several years of wearing a "water-resistant" (HA!) windbreaker on rainy dog walks, I have finally reached my breaking point. I need a waterPROOF jacket for this crap. Amazon cruising has given me a few ideas, but I much prefer to buy things recommended by people I trust. (Interesting point: I have just now realized that this means I trust anonymous internet people more than my coworkers. Hrm.)

Salient Fact #1: I live in Florida, so the lighter the jacket, the better. My old waterproof coat was insulated, and I'd end up sweating so much that I might as well have been out in the rain. I can always layer underneath when it gets "cold," but summer is the rainiest season (think 97 degrees and one hundred million percent humidity) so lightweight is a must.


Salient Fact #2: I am willing to shell out some dough, but would rather keep it under $50 if possible. Unless the jacket is super amazing and will walk the dog for me. If it is a robot dog-walking jacket, I will pay up to $60.

Salient Fact #3: I do not give one single hoot about colors, pockets, hoods, reflectors, etc. Sure, I'd like pockets and hoods and pretty colors, but I am already walking a grumpy dog in the rain and probably holding a bag full of poop. No one is thinking that I look awesome.

I would truly appreciate any suggestions you have - be it brands to look at/avoid, specific jackets you love, or suggestions on training my recalcitrant pup to walk her own damn self on rainy days.

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