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Help me find a twin/triplet costume idea!!!

Jezzies, I need your help! We just got our theme from work and it's identical costumes.
I have one partner but we want to do something easy/AWESOME. Emphasis on the awesome. Something random/weird would be what we'd love. So far, I have thought of twin Loofahs. Easy and awesome. BUT he doesn't want to be one. So I need more awesome ideas and what better place to ask than here! Thanks in advance!!!!! (I really wanted to do the loofah - so random)

EDIT: Okay, he really wants to go as anemones with a Nemo inside which I'm A-ok with because WEIRD. It would look like this:

I think it's easy enough BUT I'm not really sure how we're going to attach all of them and sitting will be difficult. A big THANK YOU to everyone! I presented the ideas but he wouldn't budge.

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