I’m in need of a new bag, which is dumb because I bought one not a year ago. I still like the one I bought, but it’s too small (which I knew when I bought it).

My current bag, a Harveys Streamline Crossbody (in a mint chocolate colorway that is 100% not my style; I don’t know what I was thinking). Can’t fit a water bottle. Can barely fit my sunglasses case and my Kindle Paperwhite. When I go on work trips, I end up using my Timbuk2 gym backpack as a purse.

I pictured myself carrying around my Timbuk2 gym backpack while I’m working at the Chicago Auto Show next month and was like, nope, can’t do it.

So, I thought I’d picked out my new bag, the Timbuk2 Femme Hobo. I went to check it out at the Timbuk2 store this weekend before ordering it online. It’s everything I want, except it’s a little too small for my MacBook Air, which I guess is fine, except it means I’ll probably need to bring a backpack to the auto show anyway. The big problem is, I love the bag’s style and layout, but the bag’s main fabric is nylon twill. I knew this; I’d just hoped it looked and felt nicer. It feels really thin even though the bag’s construction, overall, is nice. Basically, it’s too expensive for that fabric. If the fabric was nicer, or if it was a little less expensive, I’d make do.


Timbuk2 and Harveys are my go-tos; I haven’t come across anything I liked from another brand in a long time. Absolute must-haves are a crossbody strap, a zipper top, and a key clip.

My other options are a custom Timbuk2 tote with a crossbody strap added, which would be cheaper and fit my laptop, I’m just not psyched by the idea. Not sure why. (Not sure why the preview isn’t working for this one.)


Timbuk2 Femme Messenger. WAY too expensive but they pop up on eBay for much cheaper every now and then. (I wouldn’t hesitate to pay the price if it was perfect, but it’s not.) I considered this bag a year ago but decided against it because I didn’t like the fur pocket or the hardware style. However, it would fit my laptop so I am now considering it again.


Or a bigger Harveys bag, though I’m leaning away from this because Harveys bags are generally just big open spaces with a few small inner pockets, and I am entranced by the way the Timbuk2 Femme was all divided up. (I do have a larger Harveys messenger that served me well for several years, but I kicked it to the curb last year because the zipper kept breaking, and also, because it was a gift from my ex.)


Thoughts? Any other ideas? Thanks, ladies.