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Help me find sunglasses...

Also, eyebrow gear.

Okay, so I bought these cheapo glasses at Nordstrom and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the shape of them—I have an impossible time finding glasses that work with my big old round face with chipmunk cheeks. I pretty much live in the oversized Ray Ban wayfarers but I like the bohemian vibe of these. Trouble is, they are shiny as all fuck which bugs me—the frame is super shiny and the lenses are very reflective (or whatever).


I would like to find a nicer pair with the same shape, but I don’t even know what shape you’d call these? So I can’t really start to look in any kind of focused way. Anyone?

Here’s my son in them too, you can seem them a bit better here:

Also please tell me what you like to use on your eyebrows. I like them to look not painted on—I have been using this for a few months but it runs out SO fast. I love it, and I am fine to pay a decent amount of money, but would prefer something that lasts longer than three weeks.

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