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I don’t even know what exactly I’m looking for. We have an unfinished basement that I would LOVE to keep the litter boxes in. Our two oldest cats never had any problems with this. However, as soon as the kitten found her way down there months ago, she started clawing the spray-foam-insulation off the walls and playing with/chewing it. Since we obviously didn’t want her eating that crap, we moved the litter boxes upstairs and have kept it closed off since.

But now we have three full-sized cats, and all the poop that goes along with it. I have to clean the litter boxes non-stop to keep the smell out of the main areas of the house, and I’d love to have them back in the basement again. Can anyone think of some sort of spray or something that you can apply to surfaces to stop cats from attacking it? It obviously has to be non-toxic.


“My poop smells like death and I like to destroy everything!” - this cat.

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