You guise I suck at flirting until I’m already in a relationship. So getting there is hard (yuk yuk) when apparently I give off no hint of interest.

Last night I met a friend at a bar. It was a gorgeous day, and early, 5 pm. We sat outside and our waiter was really flirty with me. Like I know, probably aiming for a big tip, but also dropping hints like we could stay Allllll Night if we wanted to. My friend, who is married anyway, was not impressed. But I think he was more aiming for me anyway? And I was like mmmm yeah I could see this happening. But I froze! And didn’t go anywhere.

So now I kinda sorta want to go back? By myself? With my shades and a book, and read & drink wine on the patio. Is that too desperate? And do I care if it is?