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My brother is the IT dude at the accounting firm I used to work for. He knows computers. And so does his wife. She is actually more knowledgeable than he is

So my tower went tits up about 5 months ago and I asked him to come look at it. And then I waited, and waited and waited. So one day he came over for something else and I made him take it home with him. My reasoning was that if it was where he was it would get fixed. I was wrong. A month or so after he took it home he moved and now Noklew says it is sitting in his garage. SERIOUSLY!!

Anyway, here is my brother's twitter https://twitter.com/anacanapana and if you have a few moments, please send him a tweet asking him to see about fixing my poor abandoned and, probably, forgotten computer.


PS Dont tell him about this post. Let's get him good and confused.

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