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UPDATE: I finally got around to calling customer service (the line is staffed until something like 8 p.m. PST). This call went completely opposite of my call the other day. All I said was I was double charged for June, and the rep asked me if I had bought a pass in addition to my auto-load. I said yes, and she took care of the rest. I’m getting my money back! (And just in time, too — I have to pay for a psychiatrist appointment next week. Womp womp.)



Hi, it’s been a while since I posted here, but I need to make a customer service-type call today, and I’m feeling very nervous about it. I did something really stupid, and now I need a major refund, but I’m just so damn embarrassed — I’m almost too embarrassed to make the call, but I really want my money back. I would very much appreciate some encouragement or even some stories about similarly stupid transaction-related mistakes. :)

Here’s some background:

— I live in San Jose, but I work in San Francisco, and I use a commuter train to get to the city.

— The train service offers a monthly pass, which I’ve used without a hitch until very recently.

— The monthly pass is contained on a swipe card and has a auto-pay option if you connect it to a bank account. I have the auto-pay set up on my swipe card.


— The swipe card has an online component that logs every time you add money or swipe it somewhere besides the train like a city bus.

— If it’s around the beginning of the month, I try to check my online transit account to make sure the monthly pass is present.


Here’s what happened:

— I knew I had to work June 1, so the night before and the morning of, I kept checking my online transit account to see if my monthly pass had shown up. It hadn’t.


— I decided to get to the train station early and check the value of my swipe card on one of the official swipe card machines. It didn’t register a pass either.

— I more or less panicked and decided to load my monthly pass right then and there.* My reasoning, I think, was that a pass is cheaper than getting fined for not having a ticket (although I’ve actually yet to see anyone get written up for that). I also assumed that whatever system logs my swipe card would “notice” that I had bought a pass and would cancel any auto-pay withdrawal. I was wrong.


— I ended up being charged for the card I bought directly, and a card that auto-loaded at a later date (WTF). I can only use one pass at a time (they don’t roll over month to month), so that’s why I want my money back. To further add to this mess, there are two bank accounts involved because one is tied to the auto-pay feature and the other I used to buy the pass directly.

Anyway, I did actually call the swipe card customer service the other day, but I wimped out pretty quickly. I told the rep I had been double charged for June, and he asked me how I knew. I had a printout of my transit account in front of me, and I told him it was listed on there twice. I let him convince me it was on there twice because it indicated a “pre-withdrawal” and then the actual withdrawal from the presumed auto-pay. *I* knew it was because I had been charged twice, but I started to get flustered and checked out.


I’m determined to call them again, this time with printouts from both of my bank accounts, which I will mail to them, along with the transit account printout, if they don’t believe me. However, I am VERY bad with phone calls (obviously), and being embarrassed about it making me extra adverse about calling.

TL;DR I’m a colossal dumbass who just wants her money back but needs someone to hold her hand.


*If I had known I could just load my pass from a kiosk, I would have never fucked with this auto-pay nonsense. :(

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