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Help me gift (Help me have fun spoiling my kids)

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Over the summer my husband and I got away for a trip to Orlando. We had so much fun at Universal Studios we decided to take all the kids back in January. This is their holiday gift. (And my husband and my gift to each other. It’s the first time we’ve ever been able to take everyone on a real family vacation.)


We’re trying to make everything magical. (Everyone loves HP)

When we were in Florida I found out everyone’s favorite wizard. I have a stack of interactive wands hiding in my closet. I have the awesome individual bags from Ollivanders for those. We’re going to make up Hogwarts acceptance letters, Platform 9 3/4 tickets, seal them with wax etc. I ordered cute white stuffed owls to attach those to. We’re putting in Starbucks gift cards (there’s a Starbucks in the hotel, one on city walk and one in the parks). I’m thinking about getting them either rain coats or rain ponchos.


Any other suggestions? (Yes I know it’s only September but I like to be prepared and I’m going to have to ship one kid’s gifts. And coordinating flights from multiple states was not fun)


And no we don’t expect the big kids to spend the entire time with us.

ETA: Most of my kids are in their early twenties

ETA2: Does anyone know if you need anything special to get through security with insulin?

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