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Help me Go to London, GT!

Hello, GT! In mid-September, I get to go to London for a short trip from Sunday through Thursday. I’ll be going with my husband—he’ll be busy all day working for business and I get to go along for fun and tourism. What are your suggestions for navigating the subway and bus system? (I think our hotel is somewhere in the area where you go to see plays and musicals.) Is their an app I can download to my phone that shows routes and that I can buy tickets online with? What do you recommend? Also, what will the weather be like?

I already know that I want to go and see an exhibit called Fashioning a Reign at Buckingham Palace, which is an exhibit of Queen Elizabeth’s clothes from her 90 years. Or maybe I want to see the halls of Parliament? They look so beautiful.

If you could go to London, what would you go and see or do? Give me your recommendations!

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