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Help me Groupthink, you're my only hope

I was at a presentation today from a group that wishes to change the language on the books for Washington State surrounding bathroom / changing room laws and trans people.

When I pressed one of the presenters as to whether or not there was a statistically significant increase in bathroom related assaults / voyeurism in places that do not discriminate, the presenter said that data was not yet available, and then she told me that there have been zero documented cases of a trans person being assaulted in the restroom that they identify with.


Of course I was shocked to hear that claim, and of course now if I Google trans assault restroom, all that comes up are asshats that are claiming to be trans, thinking that allows them to be voyeurs.

She seemed very open to reading more facts, does anyone have a good database around trans related bathroom assaults while using the bathroom they identify with?

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