I'm home sick for the second day in a row (I think I emoted myself sick after the world's most stressful weekend, ie sudden funeral, seeing a bunch of the fambam, a baptism, 12 hours of driving, replacing my windshield, and having my first pointless and hurtful fight with Mr. KittenBasket), and I've been wandering around the internet, watching New Girl, and thinking about books.

Does anyone know the name of a book series (a triad or quartet, probably) that is set in a sort of magical version of England, that involves gods and such? I mean, besides all the books ever.

The book in the series I'm thinking of specifically is written as a first person narrative from the perspective of a girl who is a remarkable weaver, and after some kind of crisis (flood/disease/famine?) goes with her sister and two brothers downriver to a something something. I think they bring clay gods with them and one is the manifestation of her mother who died? And one is the mysterious father they never met who maybe is a god? The conceit is that we're reading the story she's told in her weaving. And it's a prequel of sorts to the other books, which are Tamora Pierce-like in that it's a city with magic and political machinations with the monarchy, and I seem to remember a trope of ordinary people finding out they have extraordinary abilities. (Which is my literary crack. I love that shit.)

I think another of the books is related to the sea and fisherfolk, and maybe an important festival.

Can anyone help me? This is driving me nuts.

ETA: Five seconds of googling showed me that it's the Dalemark Quartet by Diana Wynne Jones, which should not surprise me because she's one of my favorite authors. The one I was thinking of is The Spellcoats, and there's actually five siblings. I just bought them on Amazon because it looks like they may be out of print.