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Update: So he may not be a chatty texter, but he texted me this morning before I left my house asking if I wanted to come to his place after we go out tonight, so that I “could have time to prepare”. So because he is an amazing and thoughtful human, I have a change of clothes and dry shampoo in my bag so I can look like a civilized person and not a wreck tomorrow! HOORAY!

So The New Boy and I are going on our third date tomorrow night (yay!) and I really like him, and my response to really liking people is to text them all the time, but he is not a big texter, so now I’m like...do you even like me bro? And by that I mean I have been waiting for him to text me all day and he hasn’t, most likely because he has a Real Job and stuff.

What do you lovely people do when you feel like this? Or do you not feel like this? Am I a special Gnome snowflake?

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