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Help Me, GT Wan Kenobi

With nausea.

I have monstrous trouble with severe nausea pretty much all the time. Unless I take Zofran and/or pot, I generally can only avoid it if I simply...don't eat.


Obviously, NOT EATING is a huge problem. I used to be able to combat it with softer food (or crunchy/dissolving kind of food like Corn Chex or popcorn), without an issue, or sometimes certain types of veg, but now...I don't even know, guise.

I obviously can't give up eating, but I'm at a loss as what to try next. I track my food to look for intolerance trends, eat foods with a lot of tumeric and ginger to settle my stomach and half an intestine, and keep an eagle eye on my general nutrition status in terms of getting adequate vitamins and nutrients, but I'm at a loss to even distinguish a recognizable pattern anymore.


It just feels worse because getting (and surviving) a strangulated hernia is really rare, and I cannot find any support from people who get this problem and I'm going insane.

Any suggestions for dealing with 24/7 nausea that don't involve me only getting about 6-800 calories a day? That's where I am without the current medical interventions (with pot and Zofran, I managed around 15-1600, which is perfect for my body).

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