ETA: I got the bobby pins, I got all the things, and I cannot make anything work. My hair is just too damn thick and TOO DAMN LONG. Blarg. I am the WORST girl sometimes. On the bright side, I just got back from the salon and my color came out the perfect emerald green that I wanted.

I have the underlayer of my hair dyed. Currently faded teal but I’m getting it re-done this week to green. Hopefully like this but with a more forest green color. Apologies for all the GIANT pictures.

My daily style is a plain braid if I washed it today, or just down if I’m washing it tomorrow. If I’m going fancy I’ll twist it all up into a big clip on the back.

Going to a wedding next weekend and the color should match my dress ok so I want to show it. I can’t french braid or do anything fancy like the pictures I’m looking at.


Is there anything I can do if I’m lazy at doing my own hair that can look wedding fancy and show off my color? Or am I just up hair creek without a paddle brush?