Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Tonight I'm going dancing and dressing up as some kind of fae. I don't have wings (and don't really want to wear them), but I do have little horns. I am going to dye myself green and do swirly designs on my temples and arms in green glitter. I usually wear grey slacks that I cut off with my knee high flame boots and a tank top.

I'm lookung for ideas for what else should I do for costuming tonight? what should I call myself (imp maybe? I think I'm too cute for troll)


Tomorrow, for work, I will wear a purple pencil skirt, black top and a frilly purple witch hat. Wicked Witch indeed.

Tomorrow night we are going to the hockey game and green is a team color. I should be faded enough by Tuesday for work.

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