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Help me hostess?

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I’m prepping for the party I had to postpone this week, and me being me, I want to feed my guests well.


So how many bite sized food varieties are too many? We’ll probably have 10-15  people over, I’ll likely keep an eye on having a nice balance of vegan/gluten free/allergy free options which may add to the number. And since it’s a board game night and I’m not really one for board games, I’ll probably also be baking something on top of foods. Also, we’re not really drinkers but some people coming will probably want drinks. My wife said, “If they really want a mixed drink they can go to the bar downstairs!” But me being me, I want some mix of something that is good not spiked and spiked just to have on hand.

Also, throw your party treats suggestions down below! Thanks in advance!

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