Hello! How are you? I, a grown-ass woman, can get overwhelmed by my online shopping options when I search for something generic, like “onesies”. So maybe you fine folks can help? I am looking for two items:

1. My cousin had a baby in August, and I want to send her a Visa gift card so they can spend it on whatever they want, but also baby clothes are the best. I am looking for awesome baby onesies for a little boy, preferably funny but not sexist, obvi. And I should remember how to size babies, but I don’t. So like, am I shopping for 6 months? 9 months? (My normal baby gift is books, but her sister is regifting the baby books I gave to her for her now 4 year old, so youngest cousin will already have my normal first choice gift- which is fine! But now I have too many options available online for baby clothes!!).

2. I need a new winter coat. I live in middle TN, so we are talking variable winters, with averages in the 40s. I want something wool or wool blend, pea coat or trench coat style, and here is the hard part- I wear a size 22-24 US and I want it a dark purple of eggplant color. Length - maybe not quite 3/4 length? I don’t want long, but it’s nice for the coat to at least partially cover my butt when it’s cold outside.

Any favorite online retailers I should check out? Or recommendations? Or if you are magic at internet shopping, can you help a sister out?

ETA here are some cute animals in Halloween costumes as bribery/payment for your services: