I am not going to get into a Facebook fight with my Privileged White Male relatives who say people should shut up about justice and protests and Trayvon Martin. They wouldn't listen to me anyway, when I explained (in language fit for a first-grader) why people are still talking about it and why they should be doing their best to understand why people are so concerned. I will not post Youtube videos explaining, in words better and more comical than my own, why we all should be outraged. I will not build an argument that ought to make them think, because they don't want to think; they want to continue their lives of White Male Privilege, hunting and fishing and never leaving their hometown for more than a weekend in Cancun or Las Vegas. They don't want to see the entire world. Whatever I said wouldn't be heard. It would be a lecture that they would zone out of, as soon as they saw the size of my paragraph. I will not be engaging the trolls, as much as I love them. I am the childless, single black sheep, and I have no allies on that Facebook page who will see the world as any kind of wrong.

Maybe if I took boxing lessons, and learned to kick the twerp's ass—he might listen to me then. He might respect what I have to say then. Little shit.