Help me!

I have a job coming up as a camp counselor/program aide at a week-long camp/program thing for 10 incoming freshmen at my old university. I'm really excited about it, except for one thing—today the woman who will be my boss brought up driving, or more specifically, me driving a number of these students around.

I have a...difficult relationship with driving. I'm not sure I'd say I have a phobia of it, but I like to avoid it as best I can. I'm in my mid-twenties, and I just got my first car last week. I love the car I got—it's quite small and compact, and I can see over the steering wheel and hood without any issues. I've only driven it around an empty parking lot (embarrassing, I know...), and that was the most driving I've done in more than three years. Prior to that, my driving was limited to preparing for my driver's ed test (which I didn't take until I was 21, I think). Once I passed it, I went back to avoiding driving.

So today in a brief meeting, my boss mentioned that she doesn't want the two younger aides driving the students, that it will be up to me and another graduate to do all the driving. She asked if I could drive them back from the nearest major city (a huge city with awful traffic), where we'll be picking the students up and bringing back to campus an hour and a half away. I told her I wasn't comfortable driving in the city, and she said that was fine. It was after that that she mentioned that me and the other counselor will be doing the driving.

I'm freaking out. If I'm driving them at all, it will be in a large vehicle I've never handled before—like a big suburban of some sort, or possibly a large van. I DO NOT like big vehicles, and the idea of driving one around town and on the twisty roads of campus with lots of other passengers is just BEYOND terrifying, especially when the most driving I've done in three years was riding around in an empty parking lot.


What do I say and do? I don't want to look horrible and stupid and unqualified. In all other ways, I am an awesome fit for this position (and in my defense, the job description did not say that anything about driving these students anywhere). I've been hired; the paperwork is all signed and in order. The camp starts Sunday. I just need to figure out how to avoid having to drive without it being absolutely awful and inconvenient for my coworkers. Any advice on how to approach this would be amazing, as the anxiety about it is slowly but surely building!