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Help Me Landlord

My Alzheimer’s Dad owns a rental house (across the yard from where he lives and I am going to live in a while). The previous tenant was there for 14 years so I had no part in renting it. The house has been vacant and under renovation for more than a year, but that is finally coming to an end and soon I need to start locating a tenant. A neighbor and friend is a RE agent, and also our other neighbor knows some folk who might be interested. It’s a high-end rental and the tenants will also be my neighbors, so I want good ones but also to have a cordial yet businesslike relationship — the previous tenant treated me like her personal assistant and ran me ragged for a year before she left. How do I show a property and interview people, and what do I say to them at the end of the interview — like, I’ll be in touch in a few days... ?? I can’t visualize it. I will be having my lawyer draw up a lease but.... how do these conversations go?


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