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Good afternoon, Groupthinkers! It's been forever and a day since I've been able to post (major job change, marriage issues and my MIL being institutionalized again - oh my!) But I was hoping the hive could help me find some interesting, quality reading on Romani culture.

Obviously, all of the news stories lately have really piqued my interest and I find my knowledge base utterly lacking. I'm an anthropologist by degree so some ethnographies would be great but, barring that, any excellent biographies or papers I could be directed to? I've checked my local library and they don't have shit, not to mention I'd hate to start reading and find it's fill of racist rhetoric.

I'm really interested in both the history and current reality of Romani society or any sects thereof, since I know there are many different branches - any information would be welcome. Genetics studies, history, postmodern critique, and so on.


Any suggestions?

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