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Help Me Learn How To Adult, PLZ (Job Edition)

Hello all. I’m embarrassed to admit that I do not know how to adult in some ways. I’m sad to say that since I finished grad school nearly two years ago, I have not, until this moment, tried to set up a portfolio of the proofreading/writing/editing that I’ve done as a freelancer. There isn’t much (because I didn’t have a portfolio! What a catch-22) and I need to know:

What goes into a portfolio?

Should I include completed samples of work (with names and identifying details of the people I wrote them for redacted?) Or should I just say something like “I’ve written and edited x amount of resumes, copy letters, artist’s bios, etc. as a freelancer”?



If anyone knows anything and/or has any awesome resources, I thank you ahead of time. Here is a fluffy bunny gif for you.

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