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Help me look like an adult!

It’s that time again.... Marine Ball time! I’m wearing my ‘backup dress’, which is the same dress from last year, but in a different color. I have the opportunity to get dresses made here for a very reasonable price, but i just couldn’t figure out what might look good on me. (If you have dress ideas, feel free to share!) So here we are. I’m not sure what accessories to wear, which shoes or hair. So here are some pictures of what I’m thinking.

(Please excuse my horrible image formatting)


I have absolutely no clue on my hair, other than I know I want something at least mostly up and I have medium/long wavy hair.

I don’t have a ton of options for shoes, but I think these might be the best options. I know the cork doesn’t really go with the whole look, but it’s either this or plain black strappy heels. I don’t have time to order anything and I don’t want to buy anything locally. With the height of these, i can still comfortably walk and my dress is about an inch or so off the ground. They look in the same vein as ikat, so it could put an Uzbek flair on it.


For jewelry/accessories, I’m not sure what to do. I have this pretty pearl necklace I got in Indian that I’ve been trying to find a place to wear. But what earrings might go with it? Or should I go with a different type of earring and necklace?

The clutches I ordered may not come in. If not, I’ll just see what someone else has a borrow one, even if it doesn’t match.


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