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Help Me MacGyver My Phone!

I'm trying to replace the screen on my iPhone 5.

My friend snagged me this phone from his work after my car was broken into and my other phone was stolen. It works fine, but the screen was busted up pretty good. I ordered a replacement screen, but didn't look closely enough to see that it didn't have the home button and camera/speaker assembly included, so I'm having to transfer those over.

It doesn't seem like too big of a hassle, but the teeny tiny Phillips screwdriver that came in the tool kit is too blunt to seat in the screw heads. I managed to get all but two screws out using a razor blade, but the last two are in there a little tighter and just break off the tip of the blade. There is also a plastic ring that stabilizes the camera, but it's not on the replacement screen and the videos I watched didn't show how to remove it. (Original screen on the right has the plastic piece.)


If anyone has any ideas for me, I'd love to hear them. I don't need the camera working right away, but I'd like to at least be able to use the phone even if I order another screen with all the components installed. So mostly I need a teeny tiny screwdriver. We're a home full of glasses-wearers and we don't have any repair kits, go figure.

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