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Help me make a decision (inane) UPDATE

Alright, guys and dolls, it's time for the Heart family to invest in new dishes. HomeyHeart's giving me free reign and I'm trying to choose.

So, I'm pretty sure I want Ikea dishes, just for simplicity of design and reasonable prices. If they break, eh, it's not the end of the world, that type of thing.

My first choice is this cute little set of bluish/green dishes:


But I'm not sure if it'd be appetizing to eat off that color. What do you all think?

The next one on my list of possibilities is this kind of tan set:

Or there are two white choices which are pretty basic. That might be good or boring/bland. I'm kinda leaning toward boring, though...


I saw the blue-ish ones a few weeks ago in the store and loved them bunches but I'm trying to picture eating salad off them and I'm not sure.


Argh. What do y'all think?


Why can't I be super rich?! These are so frickin' adorable!!

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