Nothing earth shattering. Just need some help deciding on a color for a new bag.

So for my birthday, my parents really awesomely got me a Longchamp bag I've been coveting. My sister has one and I love it. I was super excited about it, until I realized the color wasn't the same as the website. I picked out a lush dark purple but it just looks dull and navy in real life. My father agrees with me and says I can exchange it for color if I like... so help me decide?

This is the color I have, called bilberry.

It's certainly professional and clean looking, but it's so muted. I was expected a lusher purple. My wardrobe does consist mainly of black though, so...

The color I was looking at is amethyst.

That color feels more bright, but it's very summery and probably not good for year round color... I want this to be my every day bag. I don't know if I can pull that color off in, say, January.


My sister has a bright lipstick red color and it feels really fun while still being a professional bag she can bring to work. Part of me thinks these bags should be colorful or else they look old ladyish and severe...?

I am LITERALLY the worst at making decisions, someone tell me which is the better choice. Stick with the darker navy-ish purple or go for the jewel tone?