Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

My brother, who is a farmer (mostly of vegetables), finally bought his own farm property last fall and in three weeks I'm headed up to Wisconsin to see it for the first time! I'm so excited, and also thrilled to get to spend some time with him. Because of farm responsibilities he doesn't get down to visit my parents or grandmother at the same time as me very often. Anyway, we're planning to pick blueberries and make blueberry jam while I am there, so I need a good blueberry jam recipe. We hoping to make enough that he'll have some for the winter, I'll have some for the winter, my parents will have some and we'll have a jar to give our grandmother for her birthday at the end of August. If you have other suggestions for what to do with blueberries to make them last, let me know that too!

Tell me your favorite blueberry jam related information!

P.S. If you live anywhere near Ashland, Wisconsin, he's having an open house at the end of September! We're slowly putting together his website, also. And he's on Facebook, unlike me.


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