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Help me make my body remember how to poop (TMI probably definitely)

Oh dear god help me. How does one poop again?

I haven't done a proper #2 since the Pill made me horribly sick (in large part out my bum) on the first night. I have never been constipated before so I didn't realize why my body was feeling so messed up and bloated. Turns out I am gestating a Poop Baby.


I drink a lot of water and eat a ton of veggies and whole grain bread so I should be just fine on the fiber front. I don't want to have to take laxatives but it's been 10 days maybe emergency methods are in order?

I want to birth this Poop Baby today, no more messing around. What do y'all do about your doo doo not cooperating?

ETA I've had very small, hard poops every couple of days so it's not like I haven't pooped AT ALL, but still...there is a problem.

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