Update: I have my base!

The coat that OldWomanYellsAtClods found. Also found this wig. And the dress I found earlier. So this weekend I am raiding my craft stash upstairs to see what I have on hand - I may have craft foam I can test on to make shoulder plates. I also may have something to play with to try to make the crown. Yaaaaaaas queen!


So I know what I want to be for Halloween: Bad Bitch Queen Cersei, First of her Name.

Because look at her!!!

All hail the queen


Bad bitch, amirite?

Don’t fuck with me, don’t fuck with her.

So I found some useful stuff thus far. Like this This black dress for a base. And a tutorial on making shoulder armor out of craft foam.


And I have a ridiculous amount of chains and broke jewelry in my craft stash to add to it.

But I cannot find a Blonde Mia Farrow wig to complete my head. Also, any ideas on making the crown? Or adding texture to the gown or adding an overlay to look more like the thick armor like texture of her outfits?