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I know I’ve brought this up before. I also know I have been a pretty absent member of the community lately. I’ve been busy y’all. But you guys are smart, and also often whimsical, so you can help give me real talk, please.

No, really, pretty please.

I’m living the slacker dream right now. My job is low stress, with a lot of freedom, but it’s not consistent in pay, and I need to find a cheaper place to live to stop constantly being behind.


But it’s not challenging. I’m learning programming on the side because I’m bored and looking for a challenge, and I have other options. I have experience in a lot of different areas, like puzzles, and haven’t found anything that is interesting enough to deal with the stress and monotony of a normal 9-5 office job.

But through family connections, I could get an conversation/interview with the owner of a forensic accounting firm. Since it’s just a conversation about a potential career path, I’m pretty sure that I would end up being my best self, and from feedback I have received from other professionals, I’m awesome. I feel like the likelihood that I could get a job with a defined successful career path is immense. I have never been a career oriented person. WHAT DO I DO WITH THAT? But it never hurts to talk to people, right?

You guys, tell me I’m just being self destructive. I don’t know how to be a successful adult. This could be a great thing.

But I would probably end up living with a set of parents for awhile during my transition. It would make the move easier, especially with dogs. There might be some weirdness give history, but nothing bad.


Oh, and I don’t know if I want to go back to a larger city. I’m a fan of the small city life in many ways.

Tell me to stop being self destructive. Or tell me to go with my slacker heart. Seriously, I need input.


ETA - You guys are awesome at real talk. So much.

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