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I have baked a butter cake (oat and white rice flour plenty of butter plus eggs, yogurt, leaveners; somewhere between a sponge cake and a pound cake) in a tube pan and frosted it with what is essentially straight up chocolate (chocolate, cream, butter melted together). It is for a holiday celebration* and I want it to be a little fancy so I was thinking of filling the middle with berries and maybe dotting them around the outside at the bottom as well.

Here is my dilemma: I only have some sad blackberries and frozen (hand-picked) blueberries (along with some homemade blueberry jam). Usually I would pair raspberries with chocolate, but they are out of season now and I don't feel like bundling up to go to the store in any case. Do you think that blackberries, blueberries or some combination would still work with the chocolate? It is REALLY chocolatey. Does your answer change if I threw some mint chocolate squares into the frosting because I didn't have enough plain milk chocolate** so the frosting has a little bit of a minty taste to it? HELP!

Edited to add a picture of cake!


*I'm headed to my cousin's place tonight to celebrate Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, English Christmas, Ukrainian Christmas, New Year and Ukrainian New Year all in one with him and his girlfriend. It is the first time in years that he and I have not spent at least one of these holidays together on the actual date, so we decided to combine them all into one. Originally we had planned to cook all together, but then we had to reschedule and I was no longer available to cook before dinner. Instead of bringing homemade duck leg confit to make cassoulet with I am bringing a cake, so the cake has to make up for the awesomeness that would have been my duck.

** Oh, okay, you caught me. I was way short of milk chocolate so I threw in some Godiva truffles and the mint chocolate squares and a a bar of 65% dark chocolate. I told you it was basically just chocolate.

tl/dr: Do blackberries or blueberries or blueberry jam go with slightly minty, extra-chocolately frosting on a plain butter cake? Or must I drag myself out to the store for raspberries?

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