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Has it been long enough since the last GT makeup discussion? I hope so, because my makeup desperately needs refreshing and I want your input.

I got some giftcards for Sephora and Ulta over the holidays and want to replace some of my current makeup with new stuff. I was hunting through my purse and found some Clinique lipstick; I think I last bought Clinique about six years ago, so I'm long overdue for some purging.

I generally wear makeup for nicer outings with my family and occasionally light makeup for work (I'm a high school teacher). I used to do very, very natural colors but I kind of want to jazz it up just a bit—enough so that I feel like I'm wearing makeup, but not so much that it triggers an 80 minute interrogation by my students.


What I have that I'm ok with: I use Laura Mercier primer/tinted moisturizer/powder/concealer and am pretty happy with it. I've also been using Benefit They're Real mascara and am okay with it, but I am definitely open to suggestion on that front.

What I need: I need to toss and replace lipstick because it's getting old and I'm no longer thrilled with the colors. I last bought a bunch of the ulta line lipstick, which is fine, but sometimes I feel it smells a little bit like crayons. I also wouldn't mind getting some new nailpolish. I don't currently have any blush or bronzer but am open to suggestions.

Price wise, I'm flexible. I would probably tend towards the more affordable to moderate price range...the Laura Mercier stuff is the only splurge I've ever done.

What are some of your must-have beauty buys? What have been your biggest disappointments?

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