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Hi Groupthink. This may be a totally inappropriate place for this, but the Google has been coming up empty on this issue. No one will apply for jobs with my company! I am not technically the hiring manager, but I have a lot of sway in the hiring process and I'm expected help find ways to fix this.

The pay is decent to good ($40kish for full time, plus small commission possibilities - in a rural Midwest so the cost of living is quite low), the benefits are damn good (full benefits at half time), the hours are weird but fairly flexible. We don't even require a degree.

Why will no one apply to and/or stick with our job?? Our average employee has been with the company for almost thirty years. Do the math, that means our average employee is at least 50. Any time we lose someone, though, it takes us months to even get an applicant, and then it seems we go through three or four hires that only last two months.

Here's the job: You go to to your customer's farm once a month through a whole milking shift. Mostly this means a 3 to 4 hour shift somewhere between 4am and 9am or 4pm and 9pm. A few farmers have longer shifts or weirder hours. A few farmers want weekends. But it's totally independent - you call the farmer and pick a time that works. You're busy this Wednesday? Don't schedule a herd that day. I know these hours aren't perfect, but plenty of people in retail and the food industry work a non-typical shift for a lot less money and they don't seem to have a shortage of applicants. There's no crazy boss breathing over your shoulder (okay, the boss is crazy but you only have to see him twice a year for a two-hour training). You don't have to find someone to take your shift if you're busy. You can have literally unlimited hours if you want to work your ass off and make more money (just go recruit more farmers - you get paid per farm visit plus a bonus for anyone new you sign up). But don't worry, you don't have to do any sales if you don't want to. If you're fine with the number of farms we hand you, then you're good to go.

We are so desperate, we would hire almost anyone that would show up on time. If possible, basic computer skills and calling farmers in a timely fashion would be nice. Is that so much to ask? Why is this so hard to find? Does this job sound awful to you? Help me see what I am missing, friends.


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