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Help me move to San Francisco!

Just in the informative way, not in the move-my-couch way. :)

Odds are very, very good that I will be moving to San Francisco in the next month or two. I’m super excited, but also know nothing about the city. Would you guys mind helping me out with some local knowledge?


Specifically, where should I live? If possible, I’d like to live close enough to work to take transit and not drive... but I also don’t want to spend a large fortune in rent. (Honestly, already expecting to spend a small fortune, being San Francisco and all.) And I want to be where the young people are! If you’re familiar with both Minneapolis and San Francisco, I’m looking for the San Francisco equivalent of Uptown. Where my hipsters at, yo?

Here’s the general area I’ll be working in (honestly, not expecting to live here - doubt I’ll be able to afford it):

Also, any general advice for noobs? I generally keep up with your collective stories about BART, so I feel like I’m somewhat prepared for the crazy. :)

Thank you in advance for your knowledge and wisdom.

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