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Help me name my fantasy football team!

Hey guys, I'm trying to decide on a new fantasy team name in my family's league. For the past four years my team has been Reed All About It (in my family league, we're all from Baltimore so we tend to name teams after Ravens players + I love Ed Reed + I came up with the name right before I started my MFA in creative writing). But as my patron saint Ed has moved on to the Texans (boooo) AND we've recently switched over to a new platform, I think this is a golden opportunity to come up with a new name! So far here are my thoughts:

  • Ogdentatious (named after Jon Ogden, on the team when we won Super Bowl XXXV and is our first Ravens Hall of Famer)
  • Tangled Webb (we have a CB named Lardarius Webb)
  • Your Goose Is Koched (pronounce Koch as "Cook" — our punter's name is Sam Koch and I kind of like the idea of naming my team after the punter)
  • Unitas Airlines (named after Johnny U, the ultimate Baltimore here)

I'm trying to think of potential names to match up with Terrell Suggs, Jacoby Jones, and Torrey Smith. Artie Donovan, a classic old Bmore Colts player who just passed on, is also a possibility.



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