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I don’t mean this kind.

I may be overworking myself, and the Adderall just makes me more likely to work myself into the ground. I’ve already drawn a line in the sand for myself that I need one day a week where I don’t book myself with work/volunteering/social engagements. I’m also really trying to limit myself to 60 hours a week. But it’s just so freaking busy at work, and everyone else just sucks so much at productivity.


I know it’s not my job to make up for other people’s shortcomings, and I know that my bosses give me a little more slack since I have other roles on top of my productivity based position. It’s more of a personal issue with hating to see the team as a whole falling behind. It’s just really hard to leave stuff to pile up even more. I’m not the kind to go, “Well, if you’re not gonna work hard, why should I?” I am here to get shit done, damnit!

My bosses are great and they recognize my efforts, so it’s not them. I’m just extra hard on myself. Any suggestions for keeping me from over exerting myself?

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