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Help me not engage in FB conversation about Catholic Schools and Gay Employees

I am trying not to engage with women from my childhood who are defending their usually progressive Catholic high school's decision to fire the gay cafeteria manager.

Milton school no longer a beacon of acceptance?

Usually I role my eyes and move on when I see a news story about the Catholic institution firing an employee because they're gay or have premarital sex.


This particular instance is all over my Facebook because I know a lot of women who went to the school in question. The school fired the cafeteria manager when he put his husband down as his emergency contact.

Fontbonne Academy is a Catholic prep school for girls near where I grew up.

But it's especially jarring at Fontbonne. For decades, this school has been a beacon of acceptance, a place where young women are empowered and taught to question everything, alumnae say. There, the Sign of the Cross is a gender-neutral affair. Instead of naming Father and Son, it goes, "In the name of the Creator, The Redeemer, and the Holy Spirit."


I expected some of these women to be angry. Many of them are embarrassed but they are all making excuses. It pretty much looks like the sisters were covering their asses because they've already caught so much flack from the hierarchy.

One, in particular, has a whole diatribe about how this comes from a place of "fear, not hate" and I just.... Urgh. I know that engaging will make it worse but my fingers are itchy with the urge to get into it with her.



There is a reason "recovering Catholic" is a term. Every time I think the Church can't affect me or upset me anymore I get pulled back in.

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