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Help me not get sent to collections?

Soooo.... I.... have some bills that I don't know if/how they are going to get paid this month. Mainly, we have damages from our old apartment to the tune of nearly $1400 that are almost all from his cats destroying the carpet in the last 3 months that he lived there with me. And their policy seems a little aggressive - it'll be sent to collections if we don't pay within 45 days of move-out.

My boyfriend has been unemployed for a few months, and the odds of him getting a job and a paycheck by the time these bills are due is very very slim. He's banking on unemployment checks that may or may not materialize to help him out. But I have nothing but my own regular paycheck to count on...

We have a few extra electronics laying around that we're going to put up on CL, but other than that I'm drawing a complete blank as to how I can make some extra money so we don't get sent to collections.


I don't think I can sell my eggs because my parents both have heart problems and depression, and I'm borderline anemic on a good day so probably no one wants my plasma... Do people pay for sperm any more these days?

Any ideas, tips or tricks you can let me in on?

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