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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Help me not loose another job!

Ugh. So, I am working a new job and I really do like my new boss and coworkers. The problem for me right now is that the project I was hired for hasn't started and I am doing filler work. Now, this filler work is pretty interesting but a little complicated and a bit out of my wheelhouse *however* it really is something I should be more competent at...but I'm not. I am struggling with making decisions without input from my boss (also, learning his working style a little bit but he is super easy to work for - it's awesome really)...BUT he's already said to me twice that I am moving a little bit to slowly and taking to much time (related) to complete these tasks. I hate hate making excuses and have just agreed with him (and not be all "I'm so sorry") and move on to making new goals and trying to clarify what he wants. I tend to get lost in the details in lieu of moving on to the next stages and admitted that is part of the problem (It's a huge problem for me)...

What else can I be doing? I am totally competent at the kind of project I was hired for (and is finally starting in a couple of days) but really should be knocking this other thing of the park too (even though it's not my forte at all)! I feel like the next small dip in work load and I will be hustled out the door. WAH.


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