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Help me okcupid

ANXIOUS UNCENSORED AND UNBRIDLED THOUGHTS TO FOLLOW: A super cute girl messaged me on okcupid. It was a pithy little message about a shared interest, and it was funny. I was charmed by that and her profile. I wrote back something that I thought was also funny (like 12 hours later), and she responded right away. But her response ended with “Thank you for responding to me.” I’m like all a tizzy now. Like, if she wanted to keep talking, she’d ask a question or something - or just not end so formally. But, she wouldn’t have become uninterested after one message, right? Should I respond? Should I wait a while? I get anxious about setting a precedent that we will have a flurry of fast messages and then keep that up. But, she’s really cute! And I REALLY NEED A DISTRACTION FROM MY INAPPROPRIATE CRUSH ON MY MENTOR!!!!!! (my god, I love my mentor). Help me, groupthink! I am completely challenged in this area! And now that I’m out to my mom*, it’s time to keep moving forward. Plus, she is really really cute.

*as of monday of this week. This week I have actually conquered multiple HUGE life things this week - I tackled head on two big huge past traumas. It’s been a really big week for me.

UPDATE#1: We have exchanged a few messages - so far so good, thanks to the dating coaches of Groupthink!

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