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Help me out GT - What's the protocol for tipping furniture delivery people?

I am getting a new sofa delivered to the house tomorrow morning and I was going through a check list of things making sure everything would be all set for its arrival (I'm so excited - this is my first *big girl* real piece of furniture). I just realized, though, that I have no idea what the expectations are with respect to tipping. We did already pay 10% cost for a delivery charge - is that getting paid directly to the delivery men/women? I feel like an additional percentage of the cost of the sofa would be a bit much (since it would be a couple hundred) but is that cheap? Should I just give them a $10 or $20? A flat rate? How do I know how many there will be???? Can you tell I'm freaking out?

At the moment I have $140 in cash on me, but part of that is made up of a hundred dollar bill that would be awkward if I have to break or ask for change. Is $40 an okay tip?


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