Thanks for all your help earlier with shoes. I don’t have mine yet, but based on suggestions I’m going to Sierra Trading Post (the headquarters store even) and see what I can find.

The next concern is figuring out what I should wear. The conference is pretty casual, but since I never get to dress up at all, I like to when I can, so will be probably doing business casual at a minimum. But, I’m doing some other shopping tomorrow and need to have an idea of what kind of stuff I need to buy. I see the temps in San Diego right now are mid to upper 70’s. Is that typical for this time of year and I should be going for light sweaters or 3/4 sleeves that I can wear both inside in the air conditioning and outside. Or, should I assume temps will be much higher in 2 weeks and buy tanks and short sleeves and the cardigans for inside. I always assume inside places will be way too this even a reasonable assumption for the San Diego Convention Center?

Next week sometime, I’ll probably be asking again for restaurant recommendations. I do love food and plan to eat my weight in burritos and fish tacos while I’m there. :-)