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Help me pick a baby gift!

I’m at a loss, GT! My bestie had a baby <3 months ago and I have been struggling to find an appropriate baby gift. I asked my friend and she said “Oh, anything is fine!” and since I live across the country now, I can’t actually verify that with my own eyes.

So, parents of GT: what kinds of gifts did you appreciate most? Should I buy things I know the baby will need in the near future or now? Should I buy toys? Books?


My go-to in the past has been books of sentimental value and/or a plushie gift, but I can tell from the pictures that Baby has already got a TON of plushie things, and I know their apartment is small so I know she has a library of her own.

Any advice is appreciated! Feel free to celebrate the babies in your life in the comments :)

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