Since I’m starting grad school in the fall, I’ve decided that there’s no way I can carry a laptop and notebook AND all the other crap I take to work every day in my already-pretty-big purse. So for the first time since high school, I’ve decided to buy a backpack. I’ve narrowed it down to three choices but I need help picking one.

These are all the same style of backpack—the company has good reviews and whenever I see a backpack I like on the bus lately it’s by these guys. I checked out their bags at Nordstrom and this was the style I liked best. I’m looking for something that won’t look totally unprofessional (since I’ll be taking it to work every day), won’t make me look like a high schooler, and won’t be painfully clash-y with my clothes. (My coats/jackets are tan, red, black, and white, in order of how often I wear them.)

Here are my three color options:

Black/blue. Pros: Won’t show dirt very easily, color combo is mild-mannered but a little fun. Cons: Might be boring, reminds me of my mom’s black backpack she used for my entire childhood so I associate it a little with something you’d take as a personal item on an airplane.


Gray crosshatch. Pros: Very professional color, pattern gives it more visual interest than a solid gray. Cons: Maybe too professionally bland? Worried that it’ll turn out to be more tan, like in the Amazon images.


Light blue crosshatch. Pros: I like the color, currently on sale on Amazon. Cons: Lighter color will show dirt more easily, a pastel backpack might make me look like I’m 15 (especially with a bright red jacket).

So, what do you think? Your input is much appreciated.