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Help me pick a new blush!

Because what GT needs is MOAR MAKEUP POSTS! Just kidding, I'd be happy if GT was half makeup posts and half Avengers posts and half feminism, and if you're about to tell me that's too many halves then to you I say DREAM BIGGER. Anyway, I think I'm going to birthday-treat myself to a new blush this week, help me pick! Blush is my favorite thing but somehow I don't have much going in my arsenal right now.

First of all: my current go-to blush is LORAC blush in rose, which I got on sale for $10 (still available, if you want!). Super subtle and wears beautifully — perfect for frantic winters full of teaching and research.


I also have Benefit's Benetint, which wears slightly redder and brighter. I use it less often, but it's a nice fallback.

I also got a sample of "Pie" from theBalm's How Bout Them Apples palette and I've been loving it. I've never done a cream blush before — thumbs up. However, the price seems steep — $36. If I wind up buying the full palette, it'll probably be with Birchbox points someday.

So, this brings me to the blushes currently up for consideration! For reference: I am so fair that the lady with the skintone-matcher computer at Sephora was like YIKES, and I have cool-pink undertones. I don't foresee a trip to the land of fancy stores in my near future, so guidance and experience will be helpful! :)


Candidate 1: NARS Orgasm. I don't foresee a trip down to the land of fancy makeup in the near future, so I can't try blushes on, but I did swatch this quickly once and liked it. It seems like 90% of the people I talk to about this WORSHIP this blush, then 10% are like "meh glitter." Guys, I don't want to look like a glitterbomb, but I like the idea of adding a peachy blush to the arsenal? What do you think?


Candidate 2: Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush in Candy Glow

Boy have I coveted this since I first saw it. I don't even like super girly pink a la the packaging! But I think this looks beautiful on cooler, fair skin, and I like the idea, at least, that I could get three different colors out of this.


Candidate 3: theBalm Hot Mama (or another theBalm blush)

Slightly more corally, less glittery, and cheaper than NARS (though you can't necessarily see these things contrasted in these photos....), with the plus that I could purchase it using my points. But I've never tried any theBalm blushes before...


Votes? Other suggestions? Should I just buy NYX blushes in a bunch of colors instead? I DON'T KNOW.

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