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I need to buy new shampoo/conditioner again and I need tips/recommendations!

I have pretty normal hair - straight, doesn’t really curl, etc. It’s what is called high density hair; each strand is fairly fine but I just have a ton of it. It tends to be really responsive to things because of this - if I get a deep moisturizing shampoo, it really weighs my hair down and makes it oily, but a volumizing shampoo makes it look like I stuck my finger in a socket. Shampoo for curly haired people weirdly works okay for me.

I wash my hair about once a week, maybe twice, and I use sulfate free shampoo and I have for years (right now aveeno something). My biggest problems right are:

1) The sulfate free stuff does something weird to my scalp - it’s not dandruff, but I will itch more and when I do, I’ll get skin coming off in my finger nails. I don’t particularly care for this.


2) This has been a problem with multiple shampoos but I find that when I wash, the first day my hair is really dry and crazy and it takes a day or two for it to settle down and look normal. I’d like something more balanced.

My dream shampoo fixes all of those things, costs less than 10 dollars or so, and smells good. I’m feeling like what I really need is just something that is very, very mild and a moisturizing conditioner? But I don’t know what that is and seriously, reading shampoo bottles is really confusing. Brand names or recommendations appreciated!

I don’t blow dry or style my hair, and I am just a wash and go type lady so shampoo/conditioner is important to me! And while I know for some peeps it is not, 10 dollars per shampoo is a lot of monies for me so I really do not want to buy something unless I am reasonably sure it will work.

Thank you for reading this incredibly inanely detailed description of my hair needs!

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